This page is for the company profiles

Company Business Co.


This is Patches, she's been in the business for a long time. Her skills in the office are simply unrivaled, she gets rid of pests (rodents, bugs, ect.), always has office supplies (staples, flashdrives, ect.), and so much more. Her official title is Keeper of the Gates, responsible for guarding the company's entrances from intruders.


This is Snoopy, to put it lightly, he's not the strongest employee. Bluntly, he's a drag on the system. In the past year or so he has managed to ruin innumerable dinners wit his insatiable appetite. Other employees consistently find themselves cleaning up after his mistakes. We're not even sure what his actual job title is...


This is Daisy, and she's a cute little doggy. However, being a mix of a lab and a chiwawa has its downsides, particularly her constant asthma-sounding breathing. Despite this, Daisy is an effective worker, keeping together our customer management. Her official title is Customer Charmer.

The Fish

These are the fish, a group of executives that oversee the business. Their roles are misterious, and few understand the discussions that happen in their tank. There's not much to say beyond that except to make sure not to get on their bad side.